Flexiverde Smart

Vertical gardens

Flexiverde® Smart is the new proposal by Poliflor to tackle the problem of revegetation of large surfaces.

Flexyverde Smart® system

Flexiverde® Smart is the new proposal by Poliflor to tackle and solve the problem of revegetation of large surfaces (industrial warehouses, shopping centers, etc.).
Born from the experience gained in recent years with the Flexiverde system, with which they were made in Italy and abroad works for about 20,000 square meters.

Overall thickness system without plant essence: 7-10 cm depending on the structure used.

Giardino verticale Poliflor

System elements

  • Supporting structure for anchoring the vertical green system to the wall to be greened, made up of hot galvanized steel tracks of the HILTI MQ system, whose merit is to use exclusively standard components available worldwide at the HILTI stores network
  • Flexiverde mattress
  • Irrigation system
  • Perimeter tinsmithery

Key features

  • Low costs even for large surfaces
  • Modest weights that allow optimizations in the choice of carpentry
  • It can be planted on site and can thus be adapted to different agronomic needs (exposure, winter temperatures, latitude, etc.)
  • Low overall dimensions during transport to optimize the relative costs
  • Adjustable on site

PDFPDFTechnical sheet
Artboard 12D CAD drawings – 577 KB
Flexiverde Smart system for vertical gardens

Installation sequence