Poliflor is a leading company in the architectural and urban green field, known in Italy and worldwide for its expertise and professionalism.

We work alongside designers and experts of the landscape and provide them with cutting-edge systems that solve the most of the issues related to the architectural green.

The company

Poliflor was born in Faenza in March 2001 gathering and relaunching the ten-year experience of its partners in the production of pre-grown systems.

In this field, Poliflor has been working for the development, production, installation and distribution of mature green systems in difficult areas and situations. In particular, Poliflor is well-known in Italy and in Europe for green projects in urban areas (for example traffic islands, roofs, walls, slopes, tramways, buildings with sloping parts or irregular architectural elements) and customer-oriented solutions, innovative from the technological, functional and aesthetic point of view.

These solutions are the result of a constant exchange of ideas with the most important Italian and European gardeners; researches done in collaboration with university departments in the fields of design, architecture, urbanization and landscaping; the continuous testing of new products, as well as the study of a growing number of different species in high stressful conditions.


Poliflor group offers many professional-oriented services:

  • A single centre for the order management of all the products
  • Different production and distribution centres to optimize costs and assure an efficient ditribution in Italy and abroad
  • A wide range of lawn sizes to satisfy all laying needs according to the yard dimension
  • An exclusive installation service for professionals, with high qualified staff
  • A delivery service to the yard, with refrigerated vehicles provided with crane or hydraulic lift
  • Equipment rental service
  • Technical assistance all year long thanks to the on site support service provided by POLIFLOR technicians
  • Services of architectural, structural and botanical planning