Inclina Bio®


Inclina Bio®: the lawn for slopes to cultivate in site.

Inclina Bio® system

The new system for slopes Inclina Bio® consists of a geocomposite made of a coconut fibre upper layer on a biodegradable jute net, sawed to a coconut fibre and sisal mulch layer, on a paper layer resistant to humidity. The upper coconut is die-cute every 30 cmalong all its length (10 m) in order to create pockets, where will be inserted plants in pots (Ø 8 cm). There is also another opening for the insertion of the drip line (Ø 16 mm) with sprinkler every 15cm.

System characteristics

  • It is totally biodegradable, easy and fast to lay. Even if it is not an instant living system, it does not look artificial.
  • It is possible to personalize the slope flower composition directly in the yard, thanks also to the plantation density (5 plants/m² in pot 8 cm). Moreover, the planting is very fast because it is not necessary to die-cut the mat in the yard.
  • The irrigation system is fast to install: having the drip line already inserted in the reel, it is only necessary to put in the fittings between reels and to connect them with the batch of the irrigation system.

Key features

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Customizable in site
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Installation sequence

  1. Regularization and refining of the laying surface
  2. Laying of the mats
  3. Staking out of mats (for steeply sloping surfaces)
  4. Installation and testing of the irrigation system
  5. Insertion of the plants in the mat pockets
  6. Finished work