Turf lawn

Rotoprato®: the low maintenance macrotherm turf lawn.

Rotoprato® system

It is characterized by a thick interlacement of stolons and rhizomes, which forms a brilliant green mantle, so dense and compact to prevent weed to germinate because they have not got enough space. It grows and settles very slowly, but it is very resistant to frequent treading, because of the high content of silica in its leaves.While in Summer it presents a brilliant green colour, it becomes golden yellow and goes to dormancy in Winter, then it turns green again when the photoperiod increases.

It is the ideal choice when you have or you want to limit the use of lawn mower, for example in slopes or green roofs. It can also be used forgardens, green areas and golf courses.

Module dimensions

Width: 40 cm.
Length: 250 cm.
Thickness: 1,5 cm.

PDFPDFTechnical sheet

Installation sequence

Measure carefully the area to estimate precisely the quantity of turf needed and the time necessary for the laying.
Verify the accessibility, the system of pallets unloading (about 7-9 q each), the efficiency and uniformity of the irrigation system and the sun exposure to choose the more suitable turf mix.

Soil preparation
Weed-killing and elimination of vegetable residues
Rough mow
Complex fertilization
Laying of a homogenous 3 – 5 cm layer of Lapillus (0-5). Where there are pavements, the level of the soil has to be kept 2-3 cm lower (Optional)
Abundant irrigation for 3-4 days before the laying and possible correction after the settlement.

Laying of the lawn
Start the laying from the most irregular part, taking care of maintaining the transversal cuts staggered one line from the other.
Draw up very well the borders of the lawns to avoid dryness between the vanishing points
As you go on, it is necessary to keep the lawn already laid humid.
Rolling to join the lawn to the soil below, avoiding the formation of airbags
Abundant irrigation (about 30 mm) at the end of the works.

Pallets have to be kept in the shade before the beginning of the laying phase, so avoiding dangerous increase of temperature inside the rolls. Anyway, the rolls have to be laid within 12 hours from the delivery. During the first three weeks, it is better to avoid intense treading on the new turf lawns, especially after irrigation. The first mow has to be done at the most one week after the laying, avoiding that the turf becomes too high. However, you do not have to cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade length.