Intensive green roofs

Geodrein®: intensive green roof system

Geodrein® system

We create piece of green art on roofs or balconies, using certificated materials and systems. GEODREIN® system allows to build roof gardens where you can plant turf lawns, carpet plants, bushes and plants with trunks that grows to 20 m. high.

System elements

The system presents the following stratigraphy:

  • 125 g/m² TNT Geotextile to protect anti-root waterproof sheaths;
  • Geodrein® draining element;
  • Blockage of the draining element with pumice grain, Ø 3-6, to increase the total retention capacity of the system;
  • TERRADRAIN G 12 TR as separation between the draining layer and the cultivation substrate;
  • VULCAFLOR®cultivation substrate, with variable thickness according to the vegetation planted;
  • Vegetable layer (turf lawns, carpet plants, trees, etc.)

Key features

  • Versatile: it can be used on different stratigraphies
PDFPDFTechnical sheet

Installation sequence

  1. Laying of 300 g/m2 TNT (as protection of the anti-root sheaths) and Geodrein
  2. Filling up of Geodrein with pumice grains
  3. Laying of the dividing TNT
  4. Laying of the cultivation substrate and creation of the irrigation system
  5. Laying of the turf lawn and/or chosen vegetation
  6. Completed work