Vertical gardens and climbing green

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Giardino verticale Poliflor

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Vertical gardens

This typology, more recent than the traditional climbing green, is the one that allows you to create the so-called vertical gardens, allowing you to insert plants on the wall that are normally found in our gardens, creating real works of art.

Flexiverde® Vydro

Flexiverde Vydro® is the Poliflor patent for the construction of high quality green walls and vertical gardens

It allows the use of a wide floristic choice and it is also suitable for complex geometries.

Giardino verticale Poliflor

Flexiverde® Smart

Flexiverde® Smart is the new proposal by Poliflor to tackle the problem of revegetation of large surfaces.

Giardino verticale Poliflor

Climbing vertical green

Climbing vertical green exploits the plants capacity to catch hold of proper supporting structures in order to create what we can call a green curtain.

Mobicare® Light

Mobicare® Light: the instant living climbing vertical green.

Giardino verticale Poliflor

The benefits of vertical gardens

As well as green roofs, in the last few years the vertical green and vertical gardens theme has become a constant architectural element in the projects of both new and renovated buildings.

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In addition to being a distinctive element of green architecture, the creation of a green wall brings with it some advantages, constituting a second skin of the buildings.

Less CO2

Vertical gardens mitigate the negative effects of atmospheric pollution by retaining fine dust (PM10) and helping to purify the air in urban environments.

Thermal insulation

Vertical gardens help mitigate temperatures in an urban environment by reducing the “heat island” effect, while in the summer they also help reduce the internal temperatures of the rooms.

More pleasant environment

Improve the aesthetic impact of buildings, enrich your environment by bringing nature where you are.


Inserting green walls in urban environments or inside the office reduces the stress perceived by those who live in the environment, increasing their productivity and general well-being.