Poliflor's systems for slopes greening.

Often we find ourselves having to face greenings in difficult areas, such as escarpments, steep and inaccessible slopes.
Poliflor has developed some systems to address the greening of this type of situation with ready-effect systems with great rapidity of installation.


Besides the difficulty of creating a green area, it is necessary to limit the following factors: the erosion of the soil on the slope, weeds (also because of the limited accessibility for maintenance works) and the maintenance inputs to keep a good aesthetic impact of the area.

INCLINA BIO™ e NOVA™ were born thanks to Poliflor’s experience in instant living products. Besides satisfying the need to make slopes green, they present the advantage of a very fast planting outand the possibility to have an immediate green effect.

Inclina Bio®

Inclina Bio: the lawn for slopes to cultivate in site.
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Maquis è il nuovo sistema prevegetato per il verde pensile estensivo.

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