Poliflor is a leading company in the field of architectural and urban green.

We work alongside designers and experts of the landscape and provide them with cutting-edge systems that solve the most of the issues related to the architectural green.


Poliflor provides its systems with the tailor-made structural and botanical design service, in compliance with the design of architects and landscape designers.

Several production centers

Several production and distribution centers for cost optimization and a great capillarity on the territory, Italian and foreign.

Client support

Technical assistance guaranteed all year round thanks to the on-site support of Poliflor technicians.

Turn-key supply

Poliflor can supply its systems as turn-key or leave freedom to the client to deal with carpentry, plants or irrigation system, being supported by Poliflor technicians.

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Vertical Green

Poliflor has been investing for years in systems, technologies and botanical research to offer its customers high quality products for the creation of vertical greenery and vertical gardens.

Green Roofs

Poliflor offers a wide range of green roof systems, whether it is extensive green systems or intensive green systems.

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Flexiverde Vydro, Poliflor
A fantastic system for your vertical green projects.
Extensive green roof system for flat and up to 30% sloping roofs.
The new instant living system for green roofs.
Confina, Poliflor
Green screen and fence in one product.