Green roof systems

Depending on the usability and aesthetic needs, as well as needed maintenance of the green roof, Poliflor has been offering the best extensive and intensive green roof systems since 2001.

Extensive green roof systems

Extensive green roof systems are characterized by reduced thicknesses, low maintenance and with reduce, close to zero, water requirements.
The installation of this type of green roofs has a weight close to 100 kg / m2, these systems are mostly chosen for their functional capacities.


COMPLETA®: extensive green roof system for flat and up to 30% sloping roofs.


MAQUIS®: the new instant living system for green roofs.

Instant living sedum

Extensive green roof system for up to 100% sloping roofs.

Intensive green roof systems

Intensive green roof systems are characterized by higher thicknesses, with the possibility of inserting lawns, ground cover plants and tall trees.
This type of green roofing generates a load on the building ranging from 300 to 1000kg / m2, thus creating real hanging gardens, which have high water and maintenance needs.


GEODREIN®: intensive green roof system.

The advantages of green roofs.

Green roof topic has assumed increasing importance in recent years, also in consideration of the growing attention that architects, designers and builders are giving to the theme of architectural green.

The process of urbanization of the territory has in fact made it necessary to devise and develop systems that give back to the environment what buildings has taken out from it.

The construction of green roof systems brings with it many benefits:

  • Significant improvement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings
  • Improvement of the management of rainwater runoff
  • Extending the life of waterproofing membranes
  • Improvement of the surrounding environment
  • Increase in the real estate value of buildings