Extensive green roof system for up to 100% sloping roofs.

Istant living Sedum

The instant living Sedum lawn for the creation of extensive green roof systems on up to 100% sloping surfaces. It is constituted by coconut fibre non-woven geocomposite matched with a polypropylene (PP) geonet filled up with volcanic lapillus and prevegetated with Sedum spp. It is supplied in lawns or rolls 1 x 11 (max) x 0.02 m.; in the case of rolls, it is possible to unroll them on the roof following proper security measures to avoid accidental detachment caused by the wind.

The laying of the lawn has to be made before the implementation of the following (in order of installation, we start with the anti-root waterproof sheath – not included):

  • 1100 g/m2 felt used to protect the waterproof sheaths and retain water;
  • Composite geomat constituted by polypropylene extruded monofilaments, thermal welded together in their contact points, with double cup structure, matched in extrusive phase to a two-dimensional high resistant geogrid;
  • Filling up of geomat with VULCAFLOR® cultivation substrate
  • instant living Sedum lawn
  • Inspection slumps for the rain drainages of the roof
  • Border gravel, Ø 20-25
  • Irrigation system
  • L-bar along the perimeter in default of retaining stringcourses
Module dimensions

Width:  100 cm.
Length: 1100 cm.
Thickness: 2 cm.

Technical features and materials
sedum ,Poliflor
sedum, poliflor

rapid and easy installation

low maintenance


poliflor, prevegetato di sedum