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MOBICARE® the instant living climbing vertical green.

Mobicare system

Mobicare Light is the first Italian instant living system for the creation of Climbing Vertical Green. It makes good use of the cultivation techniques of CONFINA panel and of the technology perfected by Poliflor with FLEXIVERDE®mat.

The system utilizes the CONFINA instant living panel assembled and rooted in the FLEXIVERDE® supporting mat, which is proportioned to the CONFINA rooting support. Thus, the mat is tightened and made adherent to the roots of the panel through special stainless steel tie-bands.
The resulting system can be assembled to the structure designed on purpose, creating an instant living climbing vertical green wall made for consecutive levels.


Width: 124 cm.
Length: 94 cm.
Thickness: 10 cm.

poliflor, mobicare

System elements:

  • HILTI load-bearing structure to fasten the vertical green system to the wall. The structure is studied and implemented according to pre-existing project conditions to respect;
  • FLEXIVERDE® plant support made by non-woven-fabric geocomposite mat sewed in order to create many rooms, which are divided in longitudinal direction by PE continuous thread non-woven-fabric geocomposite, with the function to contain the cultivation substrate. Inside every cultivation room there is a fixed quantity of aggregate mix. Dimensions: cm 104/124 (±2) x cm 90 (±2) x cm 10 (open mat). The mat is then covered with coconut fibre needle-felt geotextile;
  • CONFINA instant living panel, assembled and made adherent to the mat through stainless steel tie-bands;
  • Irrigation system.


  • Preassembled: no need for planters or growing media: the module arrives on site pre-assembled.
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Light weight: – 40 kg/m2
  • Immediate aesthetic effect
  • Ease of replacement in case of the plants on the single element decay.