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poliflor, rotoprato

ROTOPRATO®: the low maintenance macrotherm turf lawn

Rotoprato system: Zoysia Matrella

It is characterized by a thick interlacement of stolons and rhizomes, which forms a brilliant green mantle, so dense and compact to prevent weed to germinate because they have not got enough space. It grows and settles very slowly, but it is very resistant to frequent treading, because of the high content of silica in its leaves.While in Summer it presents a brilliant green colour, it becomes golden yellow and goes to dormancy in Winter, then it turns green again when the photoperiod increases.

It is the ideal choice when you have or you want to limit the use of lawn mower, for example in slopes or green roofs. It can also be used forgardens, green areas and golf courses.


Width: 40 cm.
Length: 250 cm.
Thickness: 1,5 cm.

Rotoprato - Poliflor