Turf paving grid

Geoflor®: building a green parking has never been so easy.

Geoflor® system

Geoflor® is the turf grid that allows the creation of a green parking in some simple steps. It protects the turf from the transit and stop of vehicles avoiding roots compression and, at the same time, it does not obstruct the growth of the turf. The grid is made of LD PE (low density polyethylene) and is stabilized against UV rays. Thanks to these features, it is extremely elastic and thus adaptable to all kinds of soil.

The laying can be made on existing surfaces, for light traffic, without prearrange a particular sub-base. Instead, for the creation of a new parking, it is advisable to prepare a particular package proportioned to the traffic foreseen.

In the case of a new parking creation, it is advisable to prepare a proper package to avoid that the transit and/or the continuous stop of vehicles creates depressions and consequently water stagnations in the soil.
These packages consist of a draining layer of thick lapillus or gravel, wrapped up into a warp and weft geotextile that makes the base of the parking stable.
This layer is further separated from the above stratigraphy through a TNT geotextile, on which will be put 15 cm of cultivation substrate and which will be used for the passage of the drip line and for the turf rooting.

There are 2 different packages depending on the foreseen traffic:

  1. Package for medium traffic (means of transport below 35 q. weight – for example cars, little vehicles, etc.)
  2. Package for heavy traffic (means of transport over 35 q. weight – for example lorries, articulated lorries, truck, etc.)

Geoflor® is the result of the collaboration between Poliflor and Geoplast

Key features

  • Turf protection
  • Low cost compared to other systems
  • Removable
  • Pit can also be removed after a while to perform maintenance works on the turf (airing, scarification, ecc..) or to use it again
  • Can be laid on existing turfs
  • For light traffic areas, it can be laid on already existing turfs, without preparing an ad-hoc sub-base
  • Enjoyed by everyone
  • It makes grass paths accessible to disable people and pram

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Installation sequence

  1. Preparation of the laying surface
  2. Laying of the turf lawn
  3. Laying of the Geoflor grid
  4. The parking is finished